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Well my very first flash movie was released to the masses last night. The results were as I expected.
not that I'm trying to be emo or anything, I knew that as it was my first flash movie, it wasn't going to be an overnight success and that the public would have some constructive (and helpful) criticism.

the main complaint seemed to be my style of drawing. Well its no secret that I really aint the best artist in the world (plus mouse drawing is a nightmare) as well as that, I don't have the talent or dedication to art to go out and buy a wacom or something. However, I improve with every piece I make and hopefully I'll be capable of belting out a successful flash film/game.

in close second was the length of the film. I admit it was insanely short, but that was what I aimed for. I didn't want to set my standards too high, make a 15 minute long epic and have it blammed by the voting public. I mean put yourself in that situation, it would seriously damage your confidence and probably stop you from making another movie ever again.

I'm happy with how the movie came out, I'm also happy with how my voice sounds doing both characters, I'm no voice actor but DAYUM!

my next project is going to be a collab with my friends creating an idea that is 4 years in the making. hopefully I'll have it out by the end of summer and hopefully people will like it!

and I can confirm, NO, it's not going to be a sprite movie involving sonic fighting shadow (who for some reason has special powers like fireballs n shit).

anyway, take it easy.